Remembering Lexington

Remembering Lexington
(All those in bold, are gone…..) Scroll Down To See Photos


April 19th Parade, The Spirit of 76, Capt. Parker Statue, Buckman and Munroe Taverns

Hancock, Adams, Munroe, Franklin, Parker and Fiske, Muzzey/Diamond, and LHS
Belfry Hill, Tower Park, Willards Woods, Dewdrop, Granny and Kineen Ponds, The Old Res…..
 The Y-D restaurant, The Carriage House, The 1775 House, Manhattan Restaurant and HoJo’s
The Center! Cary Library,  Bradley’s and Michelson’s, Dot Lappen’s Durand’s, Miss Merrill’s and The Old Belfry Club, Depot Square, Carolyn Frocks,
Venier’s Theatre Pharmacy, Lawrence Hardware, The Regent Deli, Rexall Drug, Loralane’s, Country Flair, Doc Royal’s Fix-it Shop,
Agnes Bongiorno’s  Craft Cleansers, Sy Welch at the White Cross Laundry, Ready’s and Maienza’s,
The Lexington Theatre, Bakers and Bateman’s,
Smith’s Paper Store, Lexington Ski & Sport, Cheryl’s Bakery, The First National, The A&P,
Clip and Curl,  Mario’s and Ann-Edith Salons, Sanitary and Town Barber Shops,
Peter’s Music, Colonial Buick, The Minute Shop,  Charles’ Cards, Travers  Flowers,
Anderson’s Jewelers…

Outerlying:  Breslin’s, Wardrobe’s Pharmacy, Concord Hill Market, Geoffroy’s Pharmacy,
Napoli’s Idylwildle farm, The Manor Spa
, Dorans’s, Carlson’s, Lexington Gardens, and Wilson Farm
Hayden, The Town Pool ( Sinkers,  Polliwogs,  Minnows, Flounders, Salmons, Trouts, and finally Whales!)
Park Drive,  the Ballfield and Mr. D.
…and the Lions Club July 4th Carnivals….

Lexington Golf Club, Pine MeadowsThe Churches, 5 O’Clock Club, Steeple People

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