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 Class of 1959 & 1960

Steve Domina _ Olla and greetings from the great southwest!  Steve Domina, aka “Blinky.” passing through the great web, seen your note and wanted everyone at LHS the I am still alive and well in Arizona. Pictures of what I am doing now is in the link below. Before that (1991) it was the US Army for 29 Years.  Yes, I served thru Vietnam with the ilk’s of JFKerry, Jane “The B—h” Fonda and the likes. But I got beyond that!  Teaching is the single most important thing we can do for our posterity! I still remember Mr. Gibson’s prophesy, Mr. Coffins’ wit, and I still recall Mr. Robert A. Proctor and calling every one he caught smoking “You poor dumb greasy fool!” and I STILL hate Mr. Frank DeGamerino (sp??) for giving me my ONLY “F” at LHS! When is the next reunion? As a teacher I am off only during Jun-Aug! Brrr, cold, shiver. Ouch Massachusetts –high taxes, abundant cold and the Kennedys! Give me the heat, year round shorts weather and Mexican food! Love it  Enjoy your days. We get too few!  Soon they are gone, and so are we. Regarde’

Stephen A. Domina
SGM, USA Retired
Senior Army Instructor
Globe High School

Charles Glenn – 1959, lives in Florida, is a Chiropractor, was a flight instructor and a Merchant Mariner.

Nancy GOVAN Willocks – Son, 36, Nick’s wedding 4-17-99; a wonderful affair at the Heard Museum in Phoenix. 

Sara Harkness Super, and her husband, Charles Super, have researched and written about childrearing in different cultures, and how the cultural beliefs of parents and communities affect childrearing norms & practices. She is on the faculty at University of Connecticut in Storrs, in the School of Family Studies. Email is

Nick Samiotes , 60′, 2231 Oneida Circle, Danville, CA 94526, Dir. of Business Development -MKS Instruments, recently re-married -wife-Vicki,

Gisela Wagner McClellan,  ’60.  I live in Smyrna, Georgia – just outside of Atlanta. I’m an aircraft structures engineer and work for a large defense corporation. I’m married and we have two sonsin their thirties.

Class of 1961

Diane Bielat,…PianoCare= my own business, doing restoration & repair of pianos… 2 sons, 3 granddaughters, 1 grandson… interests= genealogy, singing (Sweet Adeline, quartet “Midnight Madness”)… So glad I made it to the reunion from Calif.!!

Diane Bielat:  I noticed that Judi Diamond was not listed among the “missing” classmates of 1961, but I have been unable to contact her at her old Fort Lee , NJ , address… do you have a more recent address or e-mail ?

Peter Bird: You asked for it, so who am I to question?  We became grandparents on 22 July, 2003.  We have a beautiful granddaughter who was born at 7 lbs. 10 oz. and is growing like crazy.  Although she doesn’t answer to it yet, her name is Elise Jeanne Bird.  We did our first babysitting duty weekend before last and are doing our best to spoil her — the only legitimate purpose of grandparent. She is the daughter of our son Jonathan and his wife, Dr. Christine Rooney, and she is the love of our lives.  I have taken more pictures in the past three months than I have in the past three years!

Carol Carter Shilepski:  I am Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Wells College in Aurora , NY (http// Husband Sandy is Professor of Mathematics. We have been here since 1974 when we came with a shared position so that we might also share our daughters. I have been consulting for various military projects for 25 years. Lisa Van Raalte (1970) is an attorney, staying at home in Charleston , SC, with our granddaughter, Julia, and husband Derk (attorney). Beth Price (1973) is third year resident in family practice in Charleston , SC, married to a chemical engineer, Kevin. Guess where we visit often and have a condo?

Dave Morse: Dave Morse (1943-2007), Amiga Computer co-founder, died on Saturday, November 2nd. In 1982, he left Tonka Toys (where he was Vice-President of Marketing) and became the Chief Executive Officer at Hi Toro, Inc., which he co-founded and which morphed later that year into Amiga, Inc. and led through the development of the Lorraine Project (a codename inspired by Dave’s wife Lorraine) – ultimately, the Amiga 1000 Computer. Our take: We want to wish all the strength in the world to his family and friends, and I personally would like to thank him for creating a truly visionary computing platform. Forget Apple, forget Microsoft, forget Linux: the Amiga was the real revolutionary device.

Joan MaKechnie and Colin Diver are still very happily married, loving Portland Oregon, but missing our two boys and their families (one wife, one girlfriend, on grandaughter, one dog) who still live in Philadelphia.  Colin is the new President of Reed College.

Kenn Glenn – Career in Public Transportation or Transportation in general. I’m currently Manager of Schedules and Data.

Sandra Grush LeFlore Bergmann; The LHS Class Reunion Committee for 60-63 is saddened to report the passing Sandra Grush LeFlore Bergmann.

Mary V. Chicarello – Husband Paul Ward has just retired from United Airlines after 37 years.  Our son Michael is now 30 years old and has his masters in Computer Information Systems.  He is married to his wife, Kerry for 7 years now. They have given us three beautiful grandsons, Adam (6 yrs), Ryan (3 yrs) and Sean (6 months).  We do a great deal of travelling and have a home in Naples, Florida.  I am still working at MITRE Corp in Bedford, but have gone onto a phased retirement status only working 3 days a week after 23 years on the job.  Looking forward to much more time with my family and much more traveling.

Jim Connel, As a Major, Jim was headed for a military  career following his 1966 graduation from West Point.  In 1970 while in the Army, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  After a medical military retirement, he became associated with Proctor and Gamble, based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He joined the board of the Multiple Sclerosis Society in Ohio, and has volunteered on behalf of that organization. He retired from P & G in 1999, and recently has become involved with a new way to reach the millions who are disabled: Announcing the launching of the website of  Half the Planet .com. ( This is the premier website serving people with disabilities, their families, friends, caregivers and co-workers.  Full page Advertising in the Wall St. Journal, New York Times will be followed  by additional insertions in the NY times (back page – sports section) and the Washington Post (back page-sports section).  In our testing phase and initial ramp-up we were known as AdaptZ. Our new name represents our recognition of the power and size of the disability community, which numbers 150 million people in the U.S. and nearly 3 billion people around the world. We are a site by the disabled and for the disabled. Our goal is empowerment through the applied technology of the Internet. Please take a few minutes to explore the site and let us know how we might best serve you and the people with disabilities whom you know. We’d appreciate your comments.

Susan Furness – Family, one spoiled, 8 year old, black, female cocker spaniel ..very selective hearing.  Phone: 941-493-3013.  Retirement: Kindergarten teacher inner city Washington, DC.  Interests: Making 18″ mink teddy bears out of “old” mink coats, yard sales, thrift stores, auctions, decorating birdhouses, sewing and just about any craft as need arises.

Kenn Glenn –  Public Transportation Planning, 5 children with Donna a Recreation Therapist and California native. Randall 25 wed Heather Feb.99, Spencer 21 a sports coach, Curtis 19 a sign maker wants to be a fireman, Maggie 13 high school freshman soccer/dancing, Stuart 13 Maggies twin brother soccer/baseball/music. What a great reunion, terrific to see you all.

Marilyn D’Abbraccio(Fyten)Class of 1961 has five
children and five grand children. Live in Fridley
Minnesota.Love camping this is where you find me
and my husband most of the time plus fishing.My email address is

Diane Bielat,’61…PianoCare= my own business, doing restoration & repair of pianos… 2 sons, 3 granddaughters, 1 grandson… interests= genealogy, singing (Sweet Adeline, quartet “”Midnight Madness””)… So glad i made it to the reunion from Calif.!!

Ann Leboeuf, Children, two, Jennifer is 35 and married to a lawyer.  She lives in Rockville, MD.  Check out her new business on the web:  Glenn is 32 and a full-time student in the Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence PhD program at the Univ. of Texas in Austin….He’s still looking for the perfect mate…..I have a granddaughter, Claire Marie Walker, born May 21, 2004.  She’s adorable, but I don’t get to see her as often as I would like.  I’m now taking care of my mom fulltime and it’s difficult to travel with her.  Fortunately, I can still get out for an hour or two each day to teach part-time.

Class of 1962

Marcia Atkinson Christianson – It is great to be back in
New England after living in Ohio for 7 years.  We enjoyed our time there but the draw of grandchildren was too great.  Our daughter Diana and Toby Frothingham live in Merrimack, NH and have two little boys who have stolen our hearts.  Our oldest son Tim and daughter in law Theresa Christensen Kirby live in Milton, NH where Tim is a potter and sculptor.  Our youngest
daughter Kim (23) works at Fidelity and is living in Nashua.  My mother is still living in Lexington at Brookhaven and is in great health at 95.  So you can see there were plenty of reasons for us to return to the east. While in Wooster, Ohio I was the Education and Exhibition Coordinator for a multi-arts facility Wayne Center for the Arts.  It was an exciting job where I coordinated all the programming and exhibits and worked with a faculty of 47 artists.  My husband Jim and I have been very active working with a village in Ghana  where last year we helped to dedicate a chapel built with funds we collected  in the US through a self help project and various donations.  We have been  to Ghana several times and last year also went to Kenya.  This June we plan  to visit South Africa.  In 2000 Jim and I went to Ghana for 3 months for  sabatical where I taught art in an elementary school, Jim taught at the  seminary and we both worked in a small village outside Ho. During that time, we were honored by being made chief and queen mother of the village of Kpenoe.  We have also traveled in Europe and throughout Canada including, NewFoundland, Labrador and the North West Territories. We enjoy collecting antiques, African art, and Inuit sculpture.  I am currently a watercolor artist and have exhibited throughout Ohio and New England.I would love to hear from other members of LHS.  

Janet Branch and Frank Mattraw,

Our Arizona move came with retirement for both of us. Frank retired from Roche Pharmaceuticals at the end of 2003 and I decided to retire from American Airlines at the end of February 2004. In 2001,we purchased a  home in a Del Webb Community about 30 miles northwest of Phoenix just off interstate 17 north, and the move was complete when I retired. We had been living in both Southern California and Arizona for 18 months and I had thought I might try commuting back to LAX for a while, but with all the changes in airline travel, the commute proved to be more than I wanted to deal with. We sold our California home of 27 years in Oct of 2003 and the new owners have completely demolished it and rebuilt! another on the property – that’s the California way of doing things for you. We have made the adjustments to living in Arizona – yes, there is heat in the summer months, but the rest of the year is pretty near perfect. We are in a golf community and Frank is playing 3-4 days a week and I have just started lessons!  I know he loves the game and we shall see if it takes with me. When the temp climbs, we are on the road to travel.

Martha Cutter, Family:  Jennifer-24, Kenneth-23, Christina-22, Kaylea-19, & stepsons – Mel-43, Alex-41, Grandchildren – seven, Husband, Paul is retired as contractor.  Martha is bookkeeper at churches,, Sacred Heart of Jesus/Greenville, NH and Sacred Heart Church Wilton, NH, We enjoy traveling and sports.  I enjoy music, quilting and reading.

Jill Gale deVilla.  Just retired.  I hike as much as possible (anyone interested in hiking the Phillipines rice terraces, and this is a fabulous experience-easily as good as Nepal-contact me), and am a publisher, editor, etc.  I have two kids, Brian (CFO for the Center for Applied Research, Philadelphia) and Rebecca (publishing, writing editing, Brier Projects, Manila, Philippines).  I recently retired from the Asian Developement Bank and am enjoying having time to do what I want to do.  Email’s the best way to contact me.

Andy  Gnoza –  is retired from law enforcement (since 1995) and is now restoring and selling vintage fountain pens.
PS.  Down 90 pounds since the 1999 reunion.

UPDATE 1/29/2003

I have just signed a one year contract with the Federal Government to travel to the 22 countries that now make up the Soviet Republic to teach Weapons of Mass Destruction and Hazardous Materials operations. I will be out of the USA 10 days a month – hope to be in the USA for the 2003 reunion.

Susan Hamacher Billings,

My son, Miles Billings, was married to Felicity Smith in Guilford, VT on July 31, 2004.  They live in Baltimore MD where Miles is a teacher and Felicity is a medical student.
   My daughter, Jean Billings, is a graduate student at UTexas in Austin.  She will be married this March to Rene Sanchez.  They just bought their first home in Austin.
    I don’t get back east very often, but I’m in contact with five other women from Lexington in the SF Bay Area.

Barbara Kleiner Schindler, M.D., Vice Dean, Educational and Academic Affairs, Professsor of Psychology, Drexel University College of Medicine. 

I have updates re my family

  • Grandchildren
    • Joseph Schindler born 5/27/04 (Parents Josh and Amy Schindler)
    • Jakob Foss born 5/6/02 (Parents Rebecca Schindler and Pedar Foss)
    • Rachel Schindler born 8/9/00 (Parents Josh and Amy Schindler)
    • Simon Foss born 3/11/00 (Parents Rebecca Schindler and Pedar Foss)
  • Children
    • Rebecca Schindler, Ph.D. (b. 5/4/69) married to Pedar Foss, Ph.D. both Archeologists at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana where they live with Simon and Jakob.
    • Joshua Schindler (b. 5/6/72) married to Amy Schindler. Josh is IT systems analyst at NYC bank and Amy is grad student at Columbia getting Ph.D. in Sociology. They live with Rachel and Joseph in NYC.
    • Benjamin Schindler (b. 1/31/79) married Rebecca Rohtbart on Jan 2, 2005. Ben is a second year law student at Temple University and Becky works in development at the American Red Cross here in Philadelphia.

Susan Lannefeld Watt
was selected as Teacher of the year in Special Education – Private Schools and received the Ruth E. Newman award.

Mark Lindsay ’62; Partner in Boston BoatWorks, custom yacht builders ( Frequently meet up with Jack Desmond 62′ at sailing events all over the east coast. Enjoyed a wonderful mini reunion with about 18 friends from 60′ – 63′ and their families hosted by Carol Koury on the Vineyard this past summer. We tried reliving our youth on Phil Snow’s BMW motorcycle and got misty eyed over DaveVogt’s DVD from LHS days, “”The Way We Were.”” Remembering these things helps you stay young. Anyone know where Larry Sullivan is? New email address;

Steve MacDonald has been named the 17th President of Lebanon College where he has been working wince 1998 as Dean of Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs.  This primarily undergraduate institution, liberal arts and pre-professional, mostly residential college with 1,570 full-time students is a classic old small liberal arts college, one that’s been around since 1866, located in the heart of rural Pennsylvania, about 25 miles from the state capital of Harrisburg and just down the road from Hershey.

Bill Nowlin, Since 1997, I’ve taken up writing and have co-authored 6 books about Ted Williams and the Red Sox, and written about 100 articles.   Many more projects in the works.  I am still active every day with Rounder Records in Cambridge.  In the last 35 years, we have released over 3,000 records (CDs these days) of music.  In 2004, we launched Rounder Books, and our timing was good.  Three of the first batch of books are ones I wrote, all of them on the Boston Red Sox.  What a year.  I now have ten books on Red Sox-related topics on the market, and two more coming in early 2005.  My son Emmet is in the 7th grade at Cambridge Friends School.  My father has moved back to East Lexington, but this time it’s in a nursing home. Still, it brings me back to town more often now.

Jody Pullen (also formerly: Jenkins, Shaw)Williams ’62:Added grandbaby #7 to the collection on New Year’s Eve!  But we’re still young, yes?  We are on a 9 month cruise on a 28′ sailboat from Boston to Florida.  Here is the web site for the trip:

I grabbed the early state retirement deal, and am now doing part-time consulting and teaching and contemplating a small specialized law practice taking court appointments for DSS care and protection cases. Live now in small apt. right on Winthrop Beach looking out at Boston and Graves’ Lighthouses. Health of self + two kids + hubby David (& his two)is good; David and I have now weathered 15 good years–finally got the marriage thing right. Fun stuff is sailboat and 6-going-on-7 grandkids. Would love to hear from folks anytime! Memories of LHS friends and classmates age well, like vintage wine, yes?

Became “official” Floridian in early 2005, living in Daytona Beach for the winter.  Had 3 fine years traversing Atlantic Coast mostly via Intracoastal Waterway, Boston to Florida Keys.  Now go north-south by airplane.  Winter Address:  7 Pathway Court, Daytona Beach FL 32119.  Grandchildren now number nine (9), and one new great-grandbaby!  Still sailing, now only in New England in the summers.  We live aboard our cutter-rig “Moonshine” in Winthrop Harbor.  Anyone who wants to “hit” sunny Florida in the winter (we have space and a good location) or come sailing in Boston Harbor June – Sept, call or email.

Nancy Revis,  My current address is 5 Sterling Court, Rockville, MD 20850. 301-212-9000, my email is I would love to hear from any of my classmates and would love to hear about any upcoming events. I have 3 children; Rebecca, 29, public defender in Concord NH, no children (SIGH); Molly, 28,computer consultant, Virginia; Aaron, 25, working in politics (Democratic). I am a paralegal at a State’s Attorney’s Office.  I had a liver transplant in May of 2003. I was pretty sick before that, but now I am really well and anxious to hear from old friends.

Bob Sheridan,  Just inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame.  The Colonel, as he is known, has called more than 10,000 fights during his illustrious 36-year career.  Most people in North America will recognize Bob as the voice of pay-per-view fights promoted by Don King.  Outside North America, he calls many of the top fights broadcasted in English speaking Countries around the globe.

Doug (Skip) Smith, One Fairfield Dr, S. Hamilton, MA 01982. Tel: 978-468-6131. Email Retired after 35 years in High Tech. Married 20 years – two children Erik 28 & Becca 25. Divorced & remarried 1994 – two boys Tristan 9 & Hunter 7. Involved in Investments, real estate, state politics, tennis, skiing and Mr. Momyouth sports and am the Hamilton-Wenham Generals Youth Football Commissioner.

Ingeborg Gedult von Jungenfeld – Karson
8200 Boulevard East 21G; N. Bergen, NJ 07047

Dotti White:  In 2001- retired Air Force Chief Financial Officer (31 years).  Two children, Paul and Suzanne and one grandson, Sean.  Recently moved to Fitchburg and enjoying tennis, golf, and volunteer Docent at the Fitchburg Art Museum. The Class of 62 extends its sympathies to Don Adzigian on the loss of his Dad, John Adzigian, well known and beloved teacher at LHS who passed away May 15th in his sleep.  He had turned 90 in March.
Don writes: He enjoyed a long and fulfilling life and retirement and maintained a sharp mind and keen sense of humor to the end.  A year ago in April he returned to the Lexington Golf Club with me to play a round with some old friends. This was truly a highlight in his life.  Following that he returned to Grove where shortly after, my Mom passed on at the age of 89.  After that he kind of lost the will to go on.  In October, I played golf with him every day for two weeks but that was the last hurrah. It was shortly after that that he fell and broke his shoulder.  He never really recovered. As are all fathers he was special to me, and I believe will be missed by many more than he would ever have imagined. He was definitely the last of that special kind of educator who brought home a little of every student whose life he touched.

Class of 1963

Peter Bergin, ’62 and Ann Connell Bergin ’63: Guess it is time for an update.   We celebrate 37 years of marriage this coming October 19, 2005; 33 years have been spent in our “new hometown” of Amherst NH, where Peter has just retired after serving 30 years on the Volunteer Fire Dept.   He is still a food broker, and also is serving in his 5th term as a NH State Rep, currently as the Chair of The Executive Depts. and Administration Committee.  He has retired as a US Ski Official (Tech. Del. #3) due to “knees”, but he loves golf, so we have a little condo on the cape, 10 minutes from his club. I am  still an “antique and doll collecting event planner”, and write etiquette columns for NH Bride Magazine and The Nashua Sunday Telegraph Newspaper.  Kiddingly, we say, “We’re working for airfare!”  as our two daughters are on opposite sides of the world.  Our elder daughter Caitlin, 35, was married in May  of 2002.  As a diplomat, she is currently posted to the US Delegation to U.N.E.S.C.O. and is serving in Paris.  Her husband Stephen Sanford, just completed his MBA at Insead, in Fontainebleau, France.  Previously she had been posted to Moscow, and NATO.  Our younger daughter Courtney, 30, is the post production co-ordinator with Pixar Animation Studios, in Emeryville, CA (San Francisco area) .  Her last film was The Incredibles….and when the credits rolled her name, we gave her a standing ovation.  She will be married next spring, in CA, to her fiance, Hoon Kim, an editorial manager, who is also with Pixar.

Paul Carlin ‘ 63 is an Economics Professor at Indiana,University-Purdue University, Indianapolis…the Indianapolis campus of both Universities, which has a Master’s degree program and are trying to work up a plan for a doctoral program. He’s been Graduate Studies Director since April He and his family spent a year in Sweden in 1993-94 and a year in Wales in 1999-2000, on sabbatical leave.

Mike Fawcett, 63 graduate of Tabor Academy ’64…friend to many of the class of ’63 LHS. Now teaching Art at Bellows Falls Union HS in Vermont. Live in Westminster, VT. with wife Linda, son Michael B., and son Timothy. Have been teaching at BFUHS for 30 (gad!) years, and have worked as an EMT / Lefevre Ambulance for about 18 years….if you crash on I-91 Exit 5 going skiing, I’m the guy that has to scrape you up…scarey thought!! Drive safely!! Son Michael is a Vet Tech. in Morrisville VT., other son Tim is a freshman at Franklin Pierce College. Linda is the librarian at two libraries. Address: 3505 U.S. Rt. 5 POB 205 Westminster, VT. 05158 or E. Mail at

Astrid Rawdon- Fader

I have 2 children – a son, Gary, now 33, and the father of my one and only grandchild (so far) named Emma, age 2.  Gary has a BA in Business Administration and is an Assistant VP for the  Bank of America’s Mutual Funds – Retirement Division.
I also have a daughter, now 29, who graduated from Suffolk University with a MA in Criminal Justice.  She is a probation officer.
I used to be an elementary school teacher but now make my living as an insurance accountant.

My passion-choral singing and traveling-last concert tour August 2001- Wales, England, Scotland.

Dave Greeley –  A documentary about state Childrens Protective Casework filmed last spring in the Bangor DHS Office was broadcast Feb. 6, 03 on PBS.  David’s role as a child protection caseworker at the State Department of Human Services was quite prominent on the show.

Sue Outhet McArthur’s new address:  35 St. Andrews Way, N. Chelmsford MA 01863  978  251-4181  moving 6/9/99 after living in Lexington most of her life!! – stop by if you are in the area.

Herb Swartz:  My daughter Jessica had her first child April 2.  Phew.  It was almost an April Fools Day child.  Check her out at

Debbie Terrio Brunell: I’ve finally moved to the Cape, hopefully permanently. We are about to move into our new home, 2 years in the works, at 82 Meadowneck Road, E. Falmouth, MA 02536, phone #508-540-4169. Same email address so far, My new office is GMAC Kinlin Grover Real Estate in West Falmouth, 508-548-6611. Do not hesitate to send anyone you know who may be selling or buying on the Cape my way.

Paul WhiteOur Emu Business Home Page:

David Yewell:  My last day at Wyse was October 15th, 2004, and I start my new job on November 1st, as chief sales officer for The CybnerNET group, In fact, I’m at SFO airport right now on my way to Grand Rapids, the headquarters. I’ll be working out of my home in Los Altos Hills CA. My team is in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Sydney. Obviously, no retirement in sight yet. I love the travel and the engagements with customers.

Family. Nancy and I just had our 36th wedding anniversary, seems we are always busy doing something fun when I am not on a plane. She’s big time into her rose garden we built, as well as planning our next and final home in Napa Valley. Erik, 30, is now very happy and an exciting company in San Francisco. He’s doing presales se work, and living in SFO in Pacific Heights. Scott, 28, got his MBA from Cornell in June and is still trying to find a job, east coast, west coast, anywhere. Scott has also built us a web site – You can log in as friend/friend.

Hobbies. – spend as much time as we can in Napa Valley, where we have two acres/2300 Cabernet Sauvignon vines. Had an OK harvest this year, we sell our grapes to a winery called Monticello, so if you see it, try it. We’re working on replacing the home on the property with a new one, sometime during the next 2-3 years. If anyone is out in Napa, call me, and I’ll set you up on some great winery visits. Also try to get a week of skiing in each year. Got my scuba ticket a couple for years ago, now need to find the time to use it.

My mom still lives in Lexington on Seaborn Place, and so does my sister Margo, LHS class of 70 with her husband Charlie Olson class of ‘69. She’s just getting into the real estate business in Lexington. Other sister Pam is in Acton, and third sister Karen in Stoneham.  Love getting the updates, haven’t really seen anyone from the class in a while, had to miss last event, will do my best to be at the next one.